Hardwood Windows

Hardwood Windows are our most durable wooden windows. One reason why so many people decide to use hardwood windows in their homes is that this type of window lasts many years longer than normal wooden windows. Prudent homeowners understand that hardwood windows not only last longer but also look better than other other wooden windows. Your hardwood windows will still be looking as beautiful in 10 years time as when you first had your windows fitted, resulting in more of an investment than an expense. The durability and strength of hardwood windows, combined with the beauty of the wood puts them in a class above normal wooden windows. Our range of hardwood windows include both modern, traditional and classical double glazed windows.



Softwood Windows

Softwood comes from trees that normally grow in large areas and they also normally grow faster than the trees that hardwood comes from. The grain on hardwood framed windows is also straighter, which is the main reason they are more expensive than the softwood windows. Although the name softwood may suggest the wood is soft that is not the case and our softwood framed windows are durable too. Generally if you are going to paint your window frames you would normally go for softwood windows due to the lower cost.
All of our wooden windows are available in single of double glazing.